Printers & Copiers

Printing and copying has become a necessity for all schools. At the heart of this schools require the following:





We have already saved schools hundreds of pounds by reviewing their requirements and getting them a better deal whilst maintaining or improving quality.

To see how much money you could save your school, for printer/copier operational leases or purchasing outright, drop us an email with all the relevant information. If coming to an end of your current contract, attach your latest usage documentation so we can put you on the best deal for you.


Dependant upon your own requirements, there are multiple printers available to you.

These range from a simple black and white printer connected to a PC – if that’s what you need for your school - through to a modern Multi-Function Printer that will laser print, copy, scan (sometimes even fax) while wirelessly connected to laptops, computers and other mobile devices around your school or office. It’s all about what you, as the customer, really need.

As agents for Ricoh, Sharp and Develop brands, we can offer customers a wide range of cost-effective and high-quality office printers.


Sometimes the scale of your print requirements means that a dedicated photocopy machine for your school has to be part of your office equipment.

But which is the best photocopier for your needs?

How can you make sure that there’s minimum copier waste?

And how will a photocopier connect to your other printers and multi-functional devices?

We’ve been selling, renting and leasing photocopying machines from a wide range of manufacturers such as Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Sharp, Lexmark, Olivetti, Canon and Develop for over ten years. We want to make sure that you have the best photocopier for your needs whatever size your school. We work hard to ensure that school offices with busy document processing needs get the print solutions they really need, anywhere across the UK.