Small, great sounding ocarinas good for beginners or pros. The blowfish ocarinas make sound in the key of C, making them easily compatible with other instruments like our Tetra Ukuleles, Chime bars and more.


blowfish ocarina image 1

Small but beautiful

The Blowfish Ocarina might be small but is very effective. The gentlest of breaths is all that is required to make a beautiful delicate sound.

blowfish ocarina image 2

Lightweight, yet robust

Our Ocarinas are small and lightweight, making the perfect instruments for children. They are very robust and will withstand the demands of the classroom. With classroom space being at a premium, the size of the Ocarina makes them quite easy to store. Most importantly, our Ocarinas are easy to clean, just gentle wash in hot soapy water will keep the instruments in premium condition.

blowfish ocarina image 3

Teacher Resources

Our Ocarinas come with resources designed by our in-house music specialist. All the resources are in the key of C. Our resources are bespoke and created to be fully integrable with our other classroom instruments, making them ideal to create a classroom ensemble.

Blowfish Mini

The blowfish's smaller variant

The blowfish mini is designed for the smallest hands, to allow them to comfortably reach across the entire ocarina.

Smaller not quieter

While the blowfish mini is smaller than its older brother, it is just as strong when producing a sound. The blowfish mini is also in the key of C, making it pairable with many other instruments including the regular size blowfish

Younger children approved

A full sized ocarina is too big for a younger person, therefore we came up with the blowfish mini to not have them left out.