A balance board to help children Wobble And Learn Through Activity.

We know some children with ADHD are more relaxed and more able to concentrate and retain information when they can move or fidget. WALTA helps transmit dopamine which is a neurotransmitter that is the pleasure based, reward-based neurochemical that helps significantly contribute to the ability to focus and concentrate.

WALTA is suitable for all ages, right through from young children through to adults!

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WALTA is manufactured by and exclusive to SchoolSupplier.co.uk. As expected offers great value for money!

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WALTA school balance board


Ideal for children who like to stand or place feet on a rocking base.

WALTA balance board base


WALTA has a rubber base to prevent slipping and scratching.

WALTA balance board details

Quality & Safe

WALTA is made using quality materials and designed to last and be comfortable!