Scrubbingtons Scrub up hand and face wash, and Bug off hand sanitisers are made with the consumer in mind. Being designed for young sensitive skin, 98% natural and alchohol free.

"Just a quick message to say that all the staff have remarked how fab the items you sent us are. Apart from the fact that they smell gorgeous, they have transformed our cracked, dry hands!"

scrub up

Scrub Up

Scrub up hand and face wash doesnt contain any parabens, SLS or artificial colourants. It is 98% natural and designed with young sensitive skins in mind.


Green on the planet

Scrubbingtons products are fully recyclable and refillable.Ask us about getting refills on your scrubbingtons products.

bug off

Bug Off

Bug off hand santitiser kills off 99.9% of bacteria, is suitable for children ages 3 and up and is great for moisturising young skin.