Active desks

Manufactured for and exclusive to SchoolSupplier!

The sit-stand active desks have the advantage of being quick and easy to adjust, not requiring power which allows them to be placed anywhere in the classroom. Just wind them up or down to adjust the height to your needs.

The Active-Desks are available in two sizes, primary school (starting at 590mm high) and secondary school

hand crank desk 1

Adjustable for all Heights

With its height being adjustable between 590MM and 900MM high for primary, and 725MM to 1125MM high for secondary schools.

hand crank desk 2

Black top, Grey Legs

The desk comes with a black desk and grey legs.Our desks are made from the best quality materials while also offering the most affordable price.

hand crank desk 3

No cables required

Having no need for power or worry of wires, the active desk can be placed just about anywhere. And when you are done adjusting the height of the desk, the crank just folds under the desk out of the way.

Usually paired with:

wobble stool 1

Wobble stools

Wobble stools are commonly paired with the sit-stand desks when being used as a normal desk.

walta board 1

Wobble boards

Wobble boards are typically purchased together with a sit-stand desk when it is primarily used in a standing environment